Team Member & Staff Reviews

Team Member of 14 Years
“Our home is a family, our residents are relatives We work as a team, and strive together we don’t have just one job role we are all versatile you are very knowledgeable, not just in your role but in other roles too you put your heart and soul in to the home when you have a vision for our home, you make it Reality”

Team Member of 2 Years
“Prince of Wales nursing home is a good residence home 2 care for the elderly people with respect 3 Treat residents and staff equally and with respect”

Team Member of 10 years
” Thoughts !! – pownh- – 1 .. Home ! – 2 .. love & compassion – 3 .. family Managers job role – 1 .. To organise and manage within the home 2 talk and listen to residents families 3 To support staff”

Team Member of 13 Years
1 In per nursing home we have dedicated hardworking staffs offering good quality of care to our clients/ residents
2 )we are friendly, kind, loving very caring in our role
3) we work as a team one big family in our nursing home were policy adhere to and all protocol is highly observed, and good line of communication to residents and family
1) She is hardworking among the staff friendly i really admire /appreciated her during this corona virus/covid 19 she kept us safe and provide us the necessary Kits( PPE ) I REALLY SALUTE KER FOR THIS SHE DESERVE A MEDAL FOR KEEPING STAFF RESIDENTS AND ALL THE FAMILY SAVES ALL THE AWARENESS ABOUT THE PANDEMIC
2) She is a good leader that caries all staffs along at work
3)SHE IS FAIR AND OPEN/HONEST ABOUT THINGS ,she corrects us professionally so that we can learn and improve all things you are really appreciated thanks for all your effort to make the home our second home “

Team Member of 12 years
” Thoughts about job role :– Proper well-being of the residents is your major concern Put your team members into consideration. Maintain good clean environment of the home. Good communication Very skilful”

Team Member of 4 years
” Top qualities of Alka: 1) good leader 2) Has got a good vision about our home and always working towards it. 3) Always approachable and available 24 hrs a day to contact if any concerns about the home. 4) good communication with other members of the team. About our home: 1) comfortable and home like environment for residents 2) Residents are well look after by the team, 3) patient cantered care, 4) choice of food for residents and lot of activities for residents”

Ex Team Member of 2 years
” Good team to work with. Friendly atmosphere to work in and happy home. I feel honoured to take care of the residents it is a pleasure to be a part of the team. Manager Your always there for support for staff your door is always open. You ensure that all the aspects care for the residents are met. You give over 100 percent to ensure we have a family run home and are very dedicated to doing so you know exactly what is going on with the residents as you take time to sit and talk to them and you are always interacting with the family’s.”

Nursing Home GP
“ Caring, compassionate and responsive Well lead, organised and caring”

Proprietor Of Prince Of Wales Nursing Home of 14 years
“Nursing home 1 Small and family atmosphere. Personal touch in the care. 2 There is great emphasis on care and transparency. 3 well situated in the community. Not isolated. The staff lives around the home.
About you 1.Caring ,compassionate And careful. Well-structured home run in a friendly way but based on solid policies and procedures. 2. personal with resident. Due to personal care the residents are able to confine and the resident feel well rooted and has sense of belonging. 3.great sense of communication. Good link between family, staff And Resident”

Residents Family Member
” POW 1) Welcoming and friendly atmosphere. 2) Caring staff who clearly love their work. 3) We were always made to feel very much a part of POW, Mum was safe and well cared for and other than in her own home, there was nowhere else we would rather she spent her last couple of years. ALKA 1) An excellent Manager who runs the home very efficiently. 2) She us a very caring person and spends quality time with each resident. 3) She has a great relationship with her staff and the residents’ families.”

Resident of Family member
” Nursing home lovely family run caring nursing home. Very caring staff who very lovingly take care of the residents. Very happy place where the staff interact with the residents.
Alka is a wonderful caring manager, making sure the nursing home is run very efficiently. She keeps the families updated on progress of your loved ones & contacts you if there are any problems/changes. Arranges activities for residents/family evenings and with the help of her wonderful staff makes the nursing home a very happy place. I would highly recommend the prince of Wales nursing home.”

Family Member of Resident
“ Here are my thoughts , I like to think that the home provides a safe and calm environment for those nearing end of life, and a safe and stimulating environment for more alert residents Our Mum has complex mental health needs, so kindness, entertainment and encouragement are essential to keep her mood up. Regarding the role of the manager, I feel it is to ensure the staff are well trained and motivated, and that they ensure residents are not left for too long staring into space.”

Residents Family Member
” For me the striking and admirable quality displayed by your role was the duty of care displayed not only to your residents but to your staff and potential future residents. The fact that you took time to assess the potential impact of my aunt becoming a resident of POW For the current residents environment, was Mrs going to be disruptive, would her presence/behaviours diminish the sense of ‘home and safety’ enjoyed by the residents? For the staff, was the impact of Mrs behaviours due to her mental health history going to put your staff at risk? For Mrs did you have the right staffing ratio, did your staff have the skills and knowledge to be able to care for Mrs. Really doing your upmost to understand Mrs needs and your team’s ability and suitability to meet them before accepting Mrs.- those were the trademarks for me of a nursing care home manager that really cared about ‘people’ and not just about filling an empty resident room. Managers of care homes must never forget the residents are fragile, individual people whose need for warmth, love, laughter and friendship is the same as you and I and the job should never be about simply managing a business. as for the home… the above feeds into that, simply that in every sense POW truly is a home. The residents are family, the staff are family there is a palpable sense of belonging, warmth and genuine care. Thanks Alka, for all you do in leading your team in all that they do!”

Agency Worker
“The first time I work at prince of Wales nursing home, I felt the different, I could see that family spirit and good team work among the staff and the caring nature of the staff. I noticed the physical appearance of the residents, they were well looked after by the staff and you could see how close the staff are with the residents. I do enjoy how others staff from different departments show interest to the care need of the residents. During this period of the covid 19, Prince Of Wales nursing home is a place you will like to work, all the staff are aware of the risk of covid, they fellow the government guide line of PPE, and the safety of both them and residents. The staff work in confidence and no fear in them which gives that continuity of care, love and respect to the residents. On the TV they had their Tv Chanel before the covid 19 came and took over the media which has help in the emotional and psychological mine set of the staff and the residents. The home manager Alka, is one of a kind, hard to fine now in health care sector as manager She got and inside of her residents. Alka is one of those managers who have their hands on in doing things for the residents like help in feeding, taking the residents to toilet when staff are busy, taking part in handover ,very good listening skills to the residents as she spends time with the residents. Alka play a very active role in the life of the residents, she those activities with the residents five days a week which the residents enjoy and it gives them something to look forward to. With the lock down Alka has encouraged family to call their love ones on face time? She also updated the family with any reviews and health conditions of the residents. I do enjoy her management skills and I wish most managers should be like her. She look after her staff”

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