Resident’ Consultation
Consultation about the operation of Prince of Wales Nursing Home

The Prince of Wales Nursing Home is home to all of our residents; we strongly believe they have the right to a say in the way it is run for their benefit. Recognising that many of our residents may not be able to express a view, we welcome the input of family, friends and advocates on their behalf.

We hold meetings open to residents, family members and their representatives at least every three months to consult them on their views on the way the home is being run. Additionally, we conduct surveys on our care and services.

Contact Us

246 Prince of Wales Lane
Solihull Lodge
West Midlands
B14 4LJ

t: 0121 436 6464


Fully Registered and Accredited

The Prince of Wales Nursing Home are Registered and Regulated by the Care Quality Commission and are also a Registered Member of the Registered Nursing Home Association.