How Specialist Seating can improve Quality of Life: Trevor’s Story

Trevor’s Health Conditions:

“Dad’s health first started deteriorating in 2014. He had diabetes, causing poor circulation to his legs and feet. He’s had several toes amputated on his left foot, and the front of his foot removed. And the other foot had started to rot away. He also had Dementia which was getting progressively worse, and he was suffering from a succession of falls.

He was taken into hospital and as he was passed around between several different hospitals we were beginning to feel that the NHS was heartless. His health was just getting worse and worse as time went on.

Later the decision was made for him to live at The Prince of Wales Nursing Home and it was only then, once his health had stabilised that an assessment was arranged to get Dad a chair.”

Our Recommendation:

Our assessor Mike McHugh went to carry out the seating assessment for Trevor, alongside the OT involved, and the Careflex Hydrotilt Chair was recommended.

  • The Tilt-in-Space function of this chair gives carers the ability to adjust the positioning of the user throughout the day. Tilt-in-Space also helps to change the centre of gravity, giving better positioning and reducing the risk of falls.
  • The seat cushion uses CareFlex WaterCell Technology and Vapour Permeable (VP) upholstery provides continuous pressure relief.
  • The elevating leg rest helps with stability and reflexion foam gives pressure relief for the legs.
  • The angle adjustable footplate provides a restful ankle position, whilst supporting the foot.
  • The swivel castors allow for easy manoeuvrability so that the user can be moved between different rooms and benefit from social inclusion.

The Result:

As soon as Trevor was seated in the chair at the assessment you could see his face change, he looked comfortable and relaxed. The chair was left for a week on a free trial basis to help with the NHS funding process. After the trial the nursing home Manager Alka said:

“The biggest difference in Trevor was his mood. He became much less agitated and so relieved to be out of bed. After the trial we had to wait for the funding to be approved, which ended up being a painful process, taking almost one year.

It got to the time of our annual Summer party and the chair still had not been authorised by the relevant authority. Premiere Healthcare were aware of the difficulties we were having, and as a goodwill gesture loaned us one of their assessment stock chairs free of charge over the weekend. This meant that Trevor could have the beer we had promised him in the garden with his friends. Trevor’s Words on Monday Morning after the party “I realised I am a human again”. It was refreshing”

Trevor had his own chair delivered in August of 2017, and his son Phillip has explained how his life has changed since then.

“When Dad went to live at The Prince of Wales Nursing Home we felt like he had been sent there to die. But we call him Captain Scarlet now, because he’s indestructible!

Since Dad has had the chair, his quality of life has drastically improved. He’s no longer sat in bed alone all day, with no one to talk to. He is so much happier in himself and can sit out in the day room and be sociable. A significant change to note is that he can now sit and eat with a knife and fork and enjoy his meal times with other residents. He also takes part in all group activities and events that are organised at the home.

We really can’t thank the Manager Alka Sahnan enough for her tenacity in helping us arrange the chair and secure the funding for Dad. It really has changed his life.”

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